PWS #2: Getting Your Digital Photo Life in Order (Step Two)

Photo Organizing - Create Photo Hub

Step two is Create.

We’re talking about how to create a photo hub where ALL your photos will live.

Episode #2 of Photos with Sherita is all about your photo hub and getting all your photos in ONE PLACE. It’s another appointment with yourself that is so worth it!

Download this episode’s freebie for tips on how to create a core file structure on your Photo Hub.

Photo Organizing Bonus Download

Show Notes

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External Hard Drive for Mac
External Hard Drive for Windows
Colored external hard drive (EHD) cases
The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin
How to find your photos on your Mac computer
How to find your photos on your Windows computer
How to see your hard drive and other Mac tips
Handy keyboard shortcuts that are great timesavers

After the Podcast…

Note: Even though we are pro photo organizers ourselves, our mom brains forget things. Here is some bonus information and resources we use with our VIP clients.

Do you have photos on both Mac & Windows computers? If so, we highly recommend Paragon Software which allows you to use the same EHD on both computers.

Paragon software NTFS for Mac is what you want to purchase if you have a Mac and need to read a Windows EHD.
Paragon software HFS for Windows is what you want to purchase if you have Windows and need to read a Mac EHD.

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